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shoot movie? My fault for ignoring it
Started by Kaos
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shoot movie? My fault for ignoring it
Elizabeth Banks is relatively hot.  But when she opens her mouth the dumb just pours out.  

Her unwanted, unneeded and poorly cast Charlie's Angels movie unsurprisingly bombed.  As mentioned, nobody was clamoring for anyone else to take a stinking diversity-infused woke dump on a cheesy but beloved 70s series.  

The Drew Barrymore ones were bad.   This?  Nobody likes Kristen Stewart.  Nobody.  So you cast her at the center of the film and then forget all the (only) reasons that anybody ever watched the series in the first place.  

Reviews were unkind.  Attendance was slim. 

But Banks was undeterred. It couldn't be that she made a crappy movie that tried to lean on nostalgia to drive viewership.  No, it was us narrow-minded men.  We didn't go and we wouldn't let any of the women in our lives go because.... men won't go watch action movies with women in the lead roles. 

If you want free cheese, look in a mousetrap.


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Re: shoot movie? My fault for ignoring it
And I always point at Alien and Aliens. If the movie is good, I don’t give a shoot who the lead is.