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Why is the abuse ignored?
Started by Kaos
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Why is the abuse ignored?
Saw the interview between Kirk OhioStateStreit and Tumper Toofalinkerlighter.  

I've read other interviews where he talks about how his father beat him if he made mistakes.  Saw those same tactics praised.  Today?  He says the worst part of his injury is that he can't get back out there quickly enough to make his father happy because his dad is really only happy when he's playing (paraphrased).  

This cat is one skin lightening and a botched nose job away from opening a ranch and wearing a single white glove.  

The descriptions of his dad way sound more like Joe Jackson than they do Andy Griffith.  I'm a little confused as to why the media ignores that aspect of it and instead licks their collective poi-eating scrotums.  I'm confused as to why they praise the family for moving halfway around the world to Drizzle richard Alabama without even once questioning how that transpired.  

It's pretty astounding, really.  All this adulation and fealty for a guy who really hasn't proven anything other than having one really fortunate half of football two years ago.  The entirety of the remainder of his career has been chowing on cupcakes and getting his shoot pushed in against decent competition.  I wonder if they'd collectively blow him if the interceptions he should have thrown two years against Georgia -- when he was closing his eyes and heaving the ball into traffic -- had actually been picks?  
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