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Kaos recommends
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Kaos recommends
Not usually one to go about recommending alcohol.  However, I have run across something that is worth the mention. 

High West Distillery in Park City, Utah makes a decent brand of whiskey I am told.  The best of that lot is Campfire.  There's also a Rye and a blended.  Plus Yipee-Ki-Yay bourbon. 

I don't like the brown, but those are highly regarded by people who do care for it.  All of those are currently available at Alabama ABC stores.

High West also makes an oat-based vodka using melted snow as its base that is exceedingly good.  It has a light, distinct flavor that Kaos greatly appreciates.  That is not yet in stock here, but there's always hope. 

If you want free cheese, look in a mousetrap.


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Re: Kaos recommends
They really like that yippee-ki-yay stuff.
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