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Credit where credit is due.  foxynewz

The sentence “Jeffrey Epstein did not kill himself” has emerged as a pop culture catchphrase popping up on TV and on memes across social media, sometimes creating awkward moments when people question the narrative surrounding the now-deceased sex offender’s mysterious death.

The statement was uttered by an attendee of last weekend’s University of Alabama-Louisiana State University football game when an MSNBC reporter inquired what students thought about President Trump’s decision to attend the event. MSNBC’s Monica Alba asked a student what he liked about the president but didn’t receive the answer she expected.

“I would say mainly just the no-nonsense policies and especially since Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself,” a student identified as Parker said on live television.
Alba ignored the response and quickly pivoted to another topic.
Boy, giraffes are selfish.  Just running around, looking out for #1....getting hit by lightning.....

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