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Kaos' way behind movie reviews
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Re: Kaos' way behind movie reviews
Uncut Gems

Didn't really know what to expect.  Don't much like Adam Sandler, but I'd read that this was his resurrection from the lazy, scraping-the-bottom-of-the-barrel attempts at comedy his spectacularly shootty films (yes, even the abhorrent Grown Ups) had become.  There were rumors that he was purposely making terrible movies just to see how low the movie-going populace would go.  

I've seen other comedic actors try to change their career path with varying degrees of success. I just don't think Sandler really made the seismic shift he was hoping for.  He was the same goofy, annoying schlump he is in every other movie, except he limited the lame comedic lines and didn't mug as much.  

I wanted to enjoy the movie and was semi-invested in the outcome, but the perpetual wheeling and dealing, the steady stream of shady deal stacked on top of another shady deal backed by another shady deal actually grew tiresome. The rapid-fire, talk-oriented pace tired me out. 

The biggest problem I had with this movie is I didn't know who I was "for."  

Did I want Sandler's scummy character to win in the end? 
Did I want his slutty girlfriend to come out on top?
Did I want his frosty wife and snotty kids to be the victor?
Did I want his low-life family members to win? 
Did I want his double-dealing friend to make the score?
Did I want entitled Kevin Garnett to take it home? 

There were zero likeable characters, none of whom I felt deserved to take a victory lap.  When you want them all to lose, all to fail, all to end up with nothing -- that doesn't work.  You need a protagonist.  If every character in the film is an antagonist and you don't have that one guy to root for even a little?  It leaves you hanging.  Every single character had a very small vein of okayness, but all were despicable at their core. 

One good thing?  He knocked on his neighbor's door and it was John Amos.  Guy was onscreen for less than 30 seconds.  But he was there.  Made me smile.  Beastmaster mode. 
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