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2018 Installment of MLB Bitchin' & Moanin'
Started by Kaos
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Re: 2018 Installment of MLB Bitchin' & Moanin'
Ugh, Hyde comes into a bad situation.  Probably as bad as Buck did when he came to Baltimore.  I don't think Hyde will do what Buck did or can. In Bucks third year we played for the ALDS, then made two more post season appearances including the ALCS.  It will be a miracle if Hyde can reproduce that.  Davis is a lost cause I am afraid.  I thought maybe the Brocali hire as the pitching coach would be a nice move, but then I looked him up.  It seems his pitchers in Texas only got worse under him. I'm pretty hopeful that Mullins turns out to be a damn good ballplayer. Nothing major as far as player acquisition.  This season is going to suck again.  This is going to be a long rebuild and losing (and I mean losing a lot) is going to be a part of it. 

I am hopeful for the future in the long run.  I am hoping that Elias can do the same thing here that he did in Houston.  I personally don't think Hyde survives long enough to benefit from what I am hoping that Elias can do. We'll see. I am still a little butt hurt over Zach Britton in pinstripes.  fudge Georgia and fudge the Yankees!
I love the way you finished strong here.
Boy, giraffes are selfish.  Just running around, looking out for #1....getting hit by lightning.....