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Title: Truth in humor
Post by: Kaos on November 24, 2019, 11:11:39 AM
I've given up on SNL (Socialist Night Live), but I did see the clip psuedo mocking the democratic debate this week. 

Woody Harrelson was a pretty good Biden. Kate McKinnon wears the Warren suit well. Larry David was so dead on there were times I wasn't sure Bernie Sanders wasn't actually there.

One of the things I caught from that though, was the real truth of the democratic party and its socialist veer. 

David as Sanders is ranting about rich people having clappers to turn off the lights.  As part of that rant he bellows "if everybody doesn't have clappers, nobody has clappers!"

That's the hidden reality.  You can't legislate equality.  In the socialist world equality comes from taking away.  If workers at McDonald's can't have BMWs, you take away the ability of all to own BMWs -- except for the privileged class of pigs who are more equal than others, of course. 

It was a throwaway line but it perfectly encapsulated the position of that entire sorry ass lot of dillholes.  You appeal to the most base emotions of the working class -- jealousy, envy, hate -- by demonizing those who are successful.  You do it by promising them equality when the only equality you can ever deliver is equal misery. 

I'm Kaos and I approve this message. 
Title: Re: Truth in humor
Post by: GH2001 on November 24, 2019, 05:15:00 PM
Kate McKinnon and Larry David nailed it. I too forgot it was them at times. When they both hit the buzzers at the same time....hilarious. Cool part is - even SNL was making fun of "those views".