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Anyone watched? If so, thoughts?

By the way this will be a spoiler thread to DO NOT READ if you haven’t watched. 

Personally, I’ve always liked the joker character. Liked each one in their own unique way. Even liked Jared Leto’s white trash thug version. 

This one, however, is the best for me. Not taking away from Ledger’s job, he did a fantastic job in dark knight. This one just feels more real.  Not being a big comic book guy I’ve never really known much about the joker’s past. Whether or not this movie was accurate in that area, I find myself believing this could actually happen. To an extent, I think I happens every day. 

Didn’t know what to expect going in because I shielded myself from clips.  I was blown away. Phoenix did an amazing job. Probably the single best movie for the song “smile”. 

Also, for me , the subway scene was powerful. But the talk show scene was the second best movie scene I’ve ever watched just behind Nicholson on the stand in a few good men and just ahead of the closing scene to whiplash. 

I’ll probably go to the movies again to watch this one. 

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